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Gödöllö Palace – Hungary

2The Gödöllö Royal Palace is the largest Baroque castle in Hungary based on its floor size. Its builder was Antal Grassalkovich (1694-1771) who commissioned Andras Mayerhoffer with the construction works starting in the 1730s. Still in the 18th century the complex went through several extensions and reconstruction works, and gained its current shape at the end of the 19th century only. The two storied double U-shape historic complex embracing an intimate inner court housed aristocratic in the middle of the huge park and hunting area met all criteria of the pageantry focused Baroque aristocratic life, and later that of the Royal Court.
GödöllöThe Royal Period between 1867 and 1918 is regarded as the second high the Reconciliation Act the Treasury purchased the Palace and the Domain in order to provide them to Francis Joseph and Queen Elisabeth as a royal resort.

Gödöllö 2

When the Queen died in 1989 the jolly court life came to a sudden end. The ageing Francis Joseph seldom visited the Palace. His heir, Charles 4th, who crowned in 1916, and his family came to Gödöllö only once, in the unlucky late October days of 1918, just when the Monarchy collaped.
From 1920 to autumn 1944 the Palace served as Miklos Horthy, the Governor’s residence. Just like in the Royal days it was then a venue or great hunts and events. During these years no reconstruction was done, however the air-raid shelter built, in the south front garden preserver the memories the Governor’s Period.